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Panchamahabhuta Siddhanta (Principle)

Body is made up of 5 basic elements or Mahabhutas – Prithvi (earth), Aapa (water), Agni (fire), Vayu (air), Akasha (space). When the balance of Mahabhutas in the body is disturbed purusha falls ill.

Tridosha Siddhanta (Principle)

Panchakarma is a set of five therapeutic treatments administered to the patient for the complete detoxification of the body. According to Ayurveda, the detoxification of the body is essential before undergoing any other major treatment. Even for healthy people, it is recommended to undergo this treatment once every five years to rid the body of all the impurities and chemical toxins it accumulates over the years. In some cases, Panchakarma alone can cure many chronic diseases that will not require any further treatments afterwards.

Prakriti (Body Constitution)

Every individual’s psychosomatic temperament or body constitution is determined by these 3 doshas at the time of fertilization. When the embryo is formed the body constitution i.e. prakriti is determined. There are 7 basic constituents according to Ayurveda. Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Vatapitta, Pittakapha, Kaphavata, Vatapittakapha. Every individual’s constitution has its own balance of Vata – Pitta – Kapha. The balance of VPK is the natural order.

Health & Disease

According to Ayurveda, health is which exists, when the digestive fire (agni) is in a balanced condition, the bodily humors/doshas (Vata, Pitta &Kapha) are in equilibrium, the 3 waste products/malas (urine, faeces, sweat) produced are eliminated normally, the seven bodily tissues/Dhatus (Rasa, Rakta, Mamsa, Meda, Asthi, Majja, Shukra) are functioning normally and mind, senses & consciousness are working harmoniously together. When the balance of these systems is disturbed the disease (disorder) begins.Vitiated doshas produce dullness in Agni (gastric or other fire) through which Ama (immature, undigested food substance) is caused Amadosha travelling in the body gets stuck and obstructs the channels of circulation and disease is caused.The intrinsic cause of the disease, Ama, the toxin should be expelled. Panchkarma best does this.

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